Wholesale Succulents - Where To Buy, What To Look Out For And Is It Worth It?

If you're looking to buy in bulk, wholesale succulents may be just what you need. Wholesalers allow you to buy large quantities of succulent plants in one go, usually at a discounted price or depending on if you are a retailer, at an industry standard price. Nowadays, you can buy most wholesale succulents online and you do not need to have a special relationship with a vendor to purchase succulents.

wholesale succlents

Succulent plants are very popular these days; mini succulents are sold in most online retail stores and can be purchased in most stores on the High Street. The popularity has made wholesale retailers step up to the plate and they are now offering succulents in bulk.

If you are planning on starting your own succulent plant website or simply have a florist store, succulent plants are great edition to your inventory. You can buy many different varieties and types including mini succulents which are very popular.
Some wholesale succulent retailers will allow you to pick and choose the different varieties and types of succulent plants and customise different trays pots and other accessories that go with succulent plants. The minimum order for succulent plants varies greatly from site to site, with some accepting orders under $100 and others requiring you to spend over $1000. You will need to research the different wholesale succulent sites where you can purchase them from.

How much profit can you make on wholesale succulent plants?

Since the popularity of a succulent plant has exploded, many florists and online retailers are looking to get in on the act. Those who are interested in drop shipping have also seen the potential with many ordering succulent plants from abroad and shipping them to customers all over the world.

There is obviously a profit to be made and that entirely depends on the price you can get for wholesale succulents. Your profit margins will obviously be a lot higher if you get a bigger discount but that may require you to have a bigger investment initially.

The average price of a succulent plant varies greatly. Some go for as little as $10 whilst those which are prettier and full of colour can go for a higher price. On Amazon, the prices range from as low as $5 per succulent plant up to $100 for multiple succulents.

What to look out for when buying from wholesale succulent suppliers?

When buying in bulk you run the risk of getting low quality products and with plants the risk is even greater. That's because plants can be easily damaged and neglected during the period of transportation and sale.

When buying from a wholesale supplier, you should start by making a small order so that you can inspect the different plants and check the quality of the products that you are getting. With a small order you are decreasing the risk of losing lots of money and you are able to assess the type of quality of product you will get on a larger order.

You can slowly keep incrementing the order so that you are slowly increasing your trust in the supplier. You do not want to get a batch of badly damaged or dying succulent plants that you will then pass on to your customers as that will give your own business a bad reputation.

Another good way of assessing your wholesale supplier is to check their customer support lines. You may end up sometimes without an order or delivery dates get delayed and you will need to contact your supplier; if the wholesaler has dodgy support then these issues will be harder to fix and get corrected. A good wholesaler will have a customer support line open all the time so you should try ringing back and see if you can get some preliminary questions answered. This will give you a good idea of how the support handles customers or potential customers.

You'll also want to check shipping cost and delivery to you on any succulents that you order. There's nothing worse than finding a wholesaler who is selling succulents at a decent price only to then find out they charge extortionate fees for shipping and handling. Again you can do a test run and order a small amount before placing larger orders as this will help you understand the process better, get a clear idea of the cost involved and make you familiar with the wholesaler.

Finally you can use review sites to check whether wholesalers are in fact legit. Most review sites that have credible feedback and testimonies from customers will be invaluable in helping you decide which wholesaler to use. Wholesalers will run into issues from time to time, that is understandable, but a slew of 1 star or negative reviews will show how useful and reliant the company is.

Is the succulent market too crowded?

The flower business has always been a competitive market to get into. Florists are struggling to make a profit, especially with the introduction of online stores popping up all over the internet. Succulent plants are a very niche product and so you will need to be able to build an audience that can fulfil your orders.

If you are planning to sell just succulents you will need to market your store or website around succulent plants, which at the time of writing this, I can find at least 4 different stores selling succulent plants just on the first page of Google. This can give you an idea of the type of competition you will face when selling succulent plants. If you already own a store adding succulent plants is a good idea as they are very popular right now and can drive sales for related items too.

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