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When buying succulents online you want to make sure you're getting quality plants sent to you. You also want to make sure that the site is run properly, has good customer support if something goes wrong and also provides good shipping and handling. Succulent plants can be delicate, so if they aren't handled carefully, you could end up with a damaged plant that will likely die within the coming months.

Succulents Online

But first, let's look at what makes a good website to use when finding succulents online to buy.

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Finding a Legitimate Website

A Good First Impression

When a website is laid out neat and tidy and everything seems to be in place it leaves you with a good impression. A clean site will go a long way to influence you to do business with it. You should know within three seconds if this is the website you want to buy succulents from. It will also give you an idea the type of care the seller put's into their business by how professionally done their website is.


People who visit websites looking to find succulent plants online, don't want to take the time to read a dissertation. You, the buyer want to know what the site sells, what are the benefits of using the site, the site uses clear communications to bring you back as a repeat customer.

Of course though, sometimes you do want to know more about the product. You want to know where it's sourced from, how long the business has been in operation, customer testimonies and more.


The website should be a breeze to navigate, the three click rule for clear navigation works best. People are creatures of habit and prefer to click top left of the screen. A site which makes it easy to order, checkout and get your order done fast is one that you'll likely use rather than one that has you signing up for an account and email newsletter spam.


Sites that sell succulent plants will use pictures of the plants being sold on their website. For best results, the photos should be PNG or JPG format and fit the content. If they have images of their own stock and not just a general image, this will also give you a good indication of how trustworthy the site is. Even better, you can tell how healthy the plants look and whether or not they care for their succulents.


You want to not feel overwhelmed when finding succulents online, so the choice of succulents they offer can be important. Some sites will present you with hundreds of options, which can confuse you as a buyer, especially if you're new to the succulent scene.


A secure website is incredibly important these days, especially with so much internet scams and hacking. A secure website should be using the HTTPS protocol (look for the little locked padlock symbol in the browser) and any payment they take from you should also have this symbol.

You can contact their customer support if you're unsure on how the site handles orders. The site may even have physical stores you can visit if you're paranoid about paying online.

Custom Testimonials

One way you can see how well a site treats their customers is through customer testimonials. Normally they can appear on the site's frontpage, but you can also go hunting for site reviews online through google. One good site to check out is Trust Pilot, which allows any site to be reviewed by customers and you can get a good idea of any issues you might face.

Don't forget to check out sites with comments; these are great to get quick feedback on the site too. People often leave quick comments rather than lengthy reviews.

Watch Out When Buying Succulents Online

When you are browsing a website that sells succulents online are there are too many choices? Do you get confused? You don't know which item you want and to avoid buyer's remorse you don't purchase anything? This can be one of the most common things for customers abandoning their shopping carts.

The website should tell you what each succulent plant is most suited for. With the use of visuals and clear communication text, you should not have to guess which one to buy. If you're looking for plants to go in your office or something more extravagant to show off, the site should be clear on what you can get.

See What You Are Buying

Letting you see what the succulent you want to buy looks like will help you get to the call to action and buy. You should be able to see the plant from all possible angles. Some plants can appear bigger than what they actually are, especially mini succulent plants, so try and find a picture for scale too.

You need to know what you are ordering since you are online and not physically touching it. High quality photos in 4k or HD will really help in these case. If a picture looks too generic, you can try google the product name to see what it may look like.

Trusting Online Sites

Here are a few things the succulent online website should be telling you about doing business with them.

  • The succulents grouped by category making it easy to find the succulent that you want.
  • The images are clear and of several different angles of the succulent plant.
  • The is a clear, concise description of the succulent that tells you how hardy the plant is. What zones the succulent will do best in.
  • The type of sun, full, partial, kept in the shade everything you need to know.
  • Watering schedule described well enough for you to understand how water affects succulents.
  • The local where the succulent is found naturally, its color, leaf shape, and potting instructions and so on.


You should get full information about how to purchase the succulents and the terms of the purchase (refunds/shipping etc). Credit card and purchase information displayed in a secure purchase page on the website. This should instill trust in the site.


The site explains how and with whom they ship. What shipping company is used such as FedEx or UPS?

A list of the shipping rates should be available for your viewing.


Clear and concise return policy, what constitutes a valid claim. Refund available or store credit. Proof that an issue took place, usually pictures of the damage

You want to take advantage of ordering online your next batch of succulents. Now that you have been informed about what to look for in a succulent online site. You find a few succulents online websites, check out what is selling, make a purchase or two. Pretty soon you have your favorite succulent online site, and you become an old hand at getting succulents online.

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