Popular Succulents

When we talk about popular succulents we often have varying opinions on what succulents are in fact the most popular. Succulent Plants have risen in popularity over the last decade, becoming a fashionable plant to have at home, in dormitories, work offices and also in your own gardens. This rise has meant some species of succulents have become very mainstream, selling in all sorts of shops around the world. You could probably go to your local supermarket to buy succulents today, nevermind going to a Florist or garden center (though those would probably sell them too!).

Popular Succulents

Succulent Plants are extraordinary plants due to their varied shapes, sizes and colors that they can present. Whether you love pink succulents with beautiful rosettes, or black succulents for a cool Halloween themed party, there is a succulent for everyone.

Succulent Plants are best described by their fleshy leaves, buds and stems. Mini succulents have been popularised by many retail shops, but you can also get very large succulent plants for your garden, especially if you want to add something more exotic looking to make the place feel a little bit different. Most succulent plants are green, but they do have different blends of colors in their leaves, such as pink hues and red-tinted edges that make them look pretty.

What are some of the most popular succulents?

Succulent plants are popular for a reason: they are cheap to buy, easy to care for and come in a variety of different interesting shapes. For those reasons, you can literally buy a succulent plant for very little and become part of the trend almost immediately.

Let's take a look at some of the most common succulent plants you can buy today and how you can recognise them when going out to purchase them.

Echeveria Genus

The Echeveria genus of succulent plants is very popular, and there are many different species of this type of succulent plant, all with different shapes, sizes and colors. We've covered many of the different types before too, so let's look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Echeveria Lola - A pink rosette forms this succulent plants main feature. It's fleshy leaves spiral around a centre piece and can grow indoors or outdoors.
  • Echeveria chihuahuaensis - This is an evergreen succulent, which also features a similar rosette of fleshy green leaves. They can grow quite big if planted in a large plant pot, but are also good for having as mini-succulents.
  • Echeveria minima - The rosette on this succulent plant has tinted edges of pink, making it a very pretty succulent to have at home.
  • Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg - Another classic you're likely to see around stores. This Echeveria is distinguishable by it's purple/pink heart shaped leaves that form a rosette.

Aloe Vera Succulent

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular succulent due to its theraputic properties. If you've ever had Aloe Vera creams, drinks or have something that smells of Aloe Vera, then you'll have had something that comes from this succulent.

Aloe Vera Succulents are quite distinct from other succulents. It has long pointy leaves that look like shoots coming up out of the ground. Each leaf ends in a sharp point and is usually a green color. They can grow very tall, so if you are planning to have them in doors, make sure you have enough space. I have one in my kitchen and it's in a plant pot that is about ten inches wide.


This common succulent plant is great as a mini-succulent plant. It grows in tiny bunches of green and bronze leaves. The leaves are thick, fleshy and rounded together and you wouldn't be surprised to see multiple bunches in one pot. It's nickname is little gem, and so it's perfect for anyone want to start their own succulent plant collection.

Agave Succulents

Another genus of succulents, the Agave succulent family contains many different types; these are mostly noticeable by their long, thin flowing leaves and size. Agave plants can grow to really large sizes and are suitable for growing in your garden.

  • Agave valenciana is one of the biggest succulents you can buy. It has massive leaves that curl away from the main stem, creating a beautiful sprouting showcase. The leaves have sharp ridges in them and sprout upwards with a slight curl.
  • Agave potatorum - The rosette that this succulent forms is full of leaves that have whiter edges and green base. The rosette tends to be flat due to the leaves and the size is a lot smaller than most Agave's.
  • Agave titanota - The Agave titanota has slightly blue colored leaves that have fine teeth around the edges.

Best places for popular succulents to thrive

A succulent plant needs very little attention to survive but if you're not careful, you can almost forget about them and that neglect can cause them to die. A succulent plant thrives when it has access to sunlight daily, is watered once a week and isn't exposed to cold temperatures.

If you plan on getting succulents for indoors, you'll want to place them somewhere where they can always see sunlight. This is usually a windowsill or beneath a skylight. Without sun, succulent plants can't photosynthesise and won't be able to generate food, ultimately killing them in the process.

Some things you should also consider:

  • Don't overwater your succulent plants. This can drown the plants and cause root rot. Once a week is fine for succulent plants- if you notice the soil is moist, you can even leave them for two weeks.
  • Make sure your pot has good drainage system so that excess water can flow out. For indoor succulents, you'll want to water very carefully.
  • If growing your own succulents, when a succulent is germinating, it's at its most vulnerable stage, so pay extra attention to it to make sure it survives. Succulent cuttings are great for starting your own mini succulent nursery.

Check out our article on succulent pots if you're interested in some cool pots that you can use to plant your succulent plants in. Succulent plants are great room decorations, so if you really want to show off, you can get some amazing designed pots to make your room decor.

The Best Popular Succulents

Check out some of these popular succulents that are sure to impress your friends and family. If you're just getting started into the world of succulents, you're in for a treat at the amazing variety and properties succulent plants have! Let us know if you have any favourites in the comments.

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