Pretty Pink Succulents - The Most Vibrant Succulents On The Planet!

Succulent plants are some of the most popular plants to emerge this decade. While succulent plants have many forms and varieties, pink succulents are some of the most beautiful and vibrant succulents to own. Whether you are decorating a home office or simply want some extra pinkness added to your garden, pink succulents can provide that exotic wildness that you sometimes see in garden centres or greenhouses.

Pink Succulents

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I've seen succulent plats for sale in popular stores such as Urban Outfitters, Marks And Spencers and even super-stores like target. Succulent Plants are relatively cheap too; you can even buy multiple Mini succulents for under $10 and they make for great decorations in an otherwise boring room.

Everyone knows the benefits of having plants in your home. They can help reduce stress, make you feel more relaxed, produce oxygen and make a dull room feel more natural. Succulent plants are found in most high street stores these days; in fact they're almost impossible not to find. So what makes them so popular?

Succulent plants are known as plants that do not need a lot of maintenance. They are naturally found in humid temperatures where water is scarce and the sun is constantly bearing down on them. As such, they have evolved to store their water in the stems and the fleshy leaves of the plant making them able to go without water for weeks on end. For the average busy person this means that they do not need to water the plants very often and can use their time on other valuable things, such as scrolling through their Facebook feed.

Another factor in their popularity is that succulent plants can have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Pink succulents in particular are very popular and they're gorgeous hues make brightening up a room very easy. Since succulents can come in incredibly tiny sizes, also known as mini succulents, they are perfect for putting in rooms that have small spaces such as offices, cubicles and even dormitory rooms. This means the demographic is practically anyone with a small space and who likes plants.

Succulent plants are also one of the most easiest plants to propagate or breed. Most new gardeners will be able to propagate succulents by just cutting off the leaves and stems of the plan and planting them in corse and dry soil. They then just need a bit of water every week until roots form fully and then they can be cared for just as easily as a fully living healthy succulent plant.

What are some types of Pink succulents?

Since succulents come in a variety of different colours it is hard to get pink succulents completely. However, there are some species of succulents that contain pink or rose coloured leaves and have a general pink overtone to them. Some of the species to look out for are:

Sunrise - it's scientific name is Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata; yeah a big mouthful. Sunrise succulents have thick green, pink and purple coloured leaves.

Jelly Bean - the name of this succulent comes from the way the leaves are shaped like little jelly beans. They are round and smooth and many come with pink undertones and hues.

Chroma - chroma has very dark pinks and rose colours in its leaves. It looks great during the winter and can grow up to 3 inches tall.

Echeveria - this succulent plant forms a beautiful pink Rose that that can be very large and have very fleshy petals. There are many species of this type of plant so you will want to be on the lookout for ones that show signs of pink hues.

Flapjack plant - also known as paddle plant, this popular succulent can have pink and red tinges to the edges of its fleshy leaves.

These are some of the most popular pink succulent plants. If you are planning on growing your own pink succulents, you may want to purchase these plants first and then use succulent cuttings to grow your own. This will ensure your succulents are based off a healthy pink succulent and will have a higher chance of looking like the original succulent.

Remember, that succulent cuttings are very easy to grow. They are perfect for beginner gardeners or even someone who just wants to grow their own house plants without much fuss. You'll need a succulent pot, some clippers, soil and although it's not necessary, plant feed.

What are some of the best ways to care for succulent plants?

One of the most obvious ways in which you can care for your succulent plant is not to overwater it. Many succulent plants die from this rookie mistake and and is a comment issue with succulent plants. Whether that's due to succulent plants being put in the wrong type of pot which has little drainage or that they are just constantly watered everyday causing the succulent plants to drown. The best pots for succulent plants are those that have plenty of holes for water to drain and are big enough for the roots to spread out in.

Making sure your succulent plant has plenty of sunlight is also important. Succulent plants are like cactus, they need plenty of sunlight throughout the day in order to grow healthily. Placing them on a window sill is an ideal spot if you are planning on putting your succulents in your home as that will allow them to get plenty of sunlight throughout the day. If the room you're putting them in does not have much natural daylight, try moving them into a more sunlit room for a couple of days and see if that helps. You'll notice your succulent plants leaves will go brown and dry if they are not getting enough sunlight or water.

With succulent plants that you have just planted, you can also try to put in plant feed to help boost their growth and keeping them healthy whilst they are in their vulnerable young stage. Mix the plant feed in with coarse soil and water once or twice a week depending on the temperature of your climate.

The Best Pink Succulents

Check out some of these great looking pink succulents that we have found for you. Most of these do not need a lot of care or attention and look great in an office room or dormitory; simply water once a week and admire at their beauty whilst gaining the benefits of having a plant in your room.

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Pretty Pink Succulents - The Most Vibrant Succulents On The Planet!


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