Large Succulent Plants: The Best Big Wild Plants On The Planet!

If you've been looking for a large succulent plant to fill up your office, dormitory or even to put amongst your garden then you have come to the right place. Large succulent plants can have a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. They have large fleshy-looking leaves, amazing colors and can look very exotic amongst other plants. The best thing about succulent plants is that they don't need much attention to keep them healthy and looking great, which makes them perfect for people like me and you who don't have much time on there hands!

Large Succulent Plants

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  3. What are the characteristics of large succulent plants?
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How do you grow large succulent plants?

Succulent plants can be of all shapes and sizes; they're very popular and can be found in most high street stores these days. In particular, young people have grown very fond of mini succulents and this has caused their popularity in the last decade to explode.

Large succulent plants on the other hand are quite hard to find. The large size requires them to be in large plant pots and are not as "sellable" as mini succulent plants. The best way to obtain large succulent plants is to grow them yourself, although this can be tricky for people who are inexperienced with gardening.

Succulent plants are actually one of the most easiest plants to grow due to not needing much attention to keep them alive. If you want to grow your own succulents, you can do so easily by using succulent cuttings, which are cuttings of succulent plant leaves. They just need to be dry and have roots sprouting from them and then you can plant them in soil to grow into succulent plants.

The best way to obtain large succulent plants by growing them is to make sure the plants are potted in a big plant pot. A bigger plant pot allows the roots to spread out and ultimately allow the succulent plant to expand beyond what it its normally capable of. You can also use plant feed to help with growing the succulent plant, which is relatively cheap and easy to find in most garden centres. Succulent plants like dense and coarse soil so that water does not build up and drown the plant or cause rotting of the roots which is fatal.

Once you have planted your succulent plant in a large plant pot you will then want to make sure it has plenty of sunlight. Succulent plants grow much better in direct sunlight so having them outside with plenty rays of sun shining on them will help improve your chances of the plant growing healthfully and into a large size.

If you live in a country where you are not getting much sunlight or it is currently in the off season, you might be better off keeping the succulent plant indoors so that the cold weather does not damage the plant in its early young stage. Succulent plants are most vulnerable when they are first planted, like any other plant, due to their roots being fragile and vulnerable.

A good plant pot for a large succulent plant would be a terracotta or ceramic pot, where it has a giant base for a lot of soil but also has good drainage so that the plant does not get over watered and drowns. Terracotta pots are easy to come by and are relatively cheap. They are quite heavy so be careful when handling them.

What are the best species for growing large succulent plants?

Here is a list of some of the best pieces for growing large succulent plants. The size will still depend on how big their plant pot is and how often and how well they are treated, but these species have been known to grow into larger succulent plants:

  • Agave - there are multiple species of the Agave Succulent Family, including: Jaws, Attenuata, Americana, Blue Flame, Butterfly
  • Crassula - Rich in red and firey colors, like look beautiful in a sunset.
  • Aloe
  • Paddle Plant

What are the characteristics of large succulent plants?

A succulent plant is defined by its fleshy leaves and vibrant colours. These odd shaped plants come in a variety of sizes and are similar to cactus in that they store water in their stems rather than needing to be watered constantly.

Succulent plants actually have a special mechanism that allows them to grow in humid temperatures such as in desert and places where sunlight is almost constant. The pores in the succulent plant leaves only open during the night time to prevent water from being drained from the plant in the intense heat.

This means they can go for weeks without water and can rely on their reservoir of water storages in plant roots and stems. For indoor succulents it is best to water them once or twice a week and no more. Larger succulent plants may need more water due to their size so be generous when watering them in their plant pot.

Are large succulent plants expensive?

Generally speaking, succulent plants are quite cheap and can be found in garden centres and high Street stores. In fact, you may find mini succulent plants to be more expensive than larger succulent plants due to their popularity and the type of pot that the mini succulents are planted in. Mini succulents tend to have more expensive pots and designs, which cause the price to be higher.

It will also depend on the species of succulent that you are planning on planting as some are rarer than others which causes the price to be higher. The cheapest way to obtain large succulent plants is growing them yourself. But if that is not an option you should definitely check out garden centres and flowers shops as they are more likely to have them in stock.

You can always take a mini succulent and put it in a larger plant pot, in an attempt to grow it into a larger succulent, especially if you do not have succulent cuttings available to you.

You also have to consider the price of plant pots, soil and plant food when growing lots of succulent plants. These can all be more expensive than buying smaller plants, so be aware of this when hunting for succulent plants. If you are on a tight budget, plastic pots may be better suited for you due to their cheapness. Corse plant soil is recommended, which usually is normal soil mixed with sand as it helps drain water away from the roots.

The best large succulent plants

If you are looking to purchase some large succulent plants then check out the ones below; we have a list of a variety of different succulents which you can grow and they come in different shapes and sizes. Remember, if you want to grow a larger succulent plant you can always take a smaller one and place it in a large plant pot and add more soil.

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