Hanging Succulents: The best hanging succulents and pots you can find!

If you are looking to decorate a room such as an office dormitory or even bathroom, why not try using hanging succulents. Hanging succulents are succulent plants which are placed in pots that hang from ceilings or curtain rails or even banisters. They make for great decoration pieces and can bring a more natural and homely feel to an otherwise boring room. Hanging plants are very popular at the moment and have been a uprising trend amongst nature-enthusiasts in decorating their homes.

Hanging Succulents

Succulent plants are some of the most popular plants that you can get for your home. They do not require a lot of watering or maintenance since they are used to humid temperatures and like cactus plants, can survive for long periods without water as they store the water reserves in their stems and leaves. Succulent plants have fleshy shiny leaves and come in a variety of different colours shapes and sizes making them some of the most exotic and fun plants to have around the room.

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What are some good ideas for hanging succulents?

You can make your own hanging succulent or buy them from a variety of different stores online. Since succulent plants come in many different varieties shapes and size they are appropriate for most rooms and blend in well with most decorations. If you try hanging them, you can achieve a very natural and peaceful nature in your home.

Hanging succulents work wonders in bathrooms; the greens and the shiny leaves of succulent go perfect with a pristine bathroom theme. You don't want to overdo the amount of hanging succulents you have; 2 baskets is enough for most of bathrooms.

Oftentimes the succulent plant isn't as important as the hanging pot that you purchase. There are many beautiful varieties of hanging baskets that you can purchase to put your succulent plant in that can fit the theme of your bathroom or office that you are decorating. You can look on Etsy for custom ones or you can buy them pre-made from retail stores.

Some cool examples:

  • Wicker Baskets
  • Lightbulbs (Seriously!)
  • Metal Rustic Pots
  • Glass jars
  • Ceramic Pots
  • Cardboard (with protective lining) boxes

As you can see, you can be as creative as your brain allows you to be. You’ll want to make sure that whatever pot you use to plant your succulent is waterproof as you won’t want water to be dripping onto your carpets or flooring.

That brings us to another point; since hanging succulents means very little drainage from the pot, you’ll want to be very careful with watering your succulents. Remember that succulents do not need much water to survive; in fact one of the most common ways succulent plants die is due to overwatering. It is best to water your succulents once or twice a week; if you notice them going a little brown on the leaves, water them a bit more often.

Finally, make sure when hanging your succulents that they are in a spot which gives them plenty of natural light. This can be tricky when inside an office, so you’ll need to be strategic in your hanging spots. You can always allow your succulents a bit of natural sunlight every month if you notice it looking worse for ware.

You can also buy plant feed to help boost succulents growth; if they are not getting enough sunlight or water, plant feed can help replace those lost nutrients that are needed to make a healthy succulent plant. Plant feed doesn’t cost much either and can last a long time. First I would recommend waiting to see how your succulents fare and if you notice them struggling, go out and get some plant feed.

Do succulent plants cost a lot?

Most expensive part of hanging succulents has to be the actual hanging decorations and pot. Succulent plants are relatively cheap, especially small ones and can be found in most retail stores. The hangings however are usually more elaborate and time consuming to make , so the price is a lot higher than the actual succulent plants themselves.

If you’re looking to save money you can make the succulent hanging yourself. All it requires is a material of your choice for the Rope a plant pot a drill, simply or cable ties. There are plenty of YouTube videos on making your own succulent hangings.

Issues with Hanging Succulent Plants

When considering getting some hanging succulent plants for your room, you’ll need to consider some of  these issues when caring for them. Unlike regular plants in a stationary pot, hanging pots can be a bit of nuisance to look after.

Pets - If you have any pets, you’ll want to make sure the pots are out of reach. A hanging pot is like a mouse on a string to cat and they’ll swipe at anything that moves suddenly or slowly. Cats can also be very springy and can climb onto higher surfaces to get at your plants, so you’ll want to make sure your cats aren’t able to damage them.

Children - Young children can often be unaware of hanging mobile objects and so you need to be careful they don’t damage them accidentally. A damaged pot can easily ruin a carpet from muddy soil or even hurt a young toddler.

Watering - Make sure you don’t hang your succulents too high so that you can’t water them. Succulent plants are known as a plant that is easy to care for- why wipe out that added benefit by hanging them in a spot which requires you to grab a cherry picker in order to water them once a week. Hanging them too high means you might also neglect them out of laziness to actually get up and water them.

The Best Hanging Succulents

Check out these great hanging succulents and pots that you can use to hang your own plants in your home. They are very trendy at the moment and are some of the coolest additions you can add to a room to help make it feel more natural and green.

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