Cool Succulents to look out for!

If you've been looking for plants for your home, your new work office or even your dormitory, you should be considering getting into cool succulents. Succulent Plants are incredibly popular at the moment and they are the perfect, low-maintenance plant that busy people need.

They don't require much attention to survive and they come in amazingly different shapes, colors and sizes. Here at TheSucculentPlant, we're dedicated to bringing you some cool and interesting succulent plants that will highlight their beautiful range and diversity.

Cool Succulents

Let's get down to the basics first: A succulent plant is usually distinguishable by it's fleshy leaves which are clustered together, it's ability to go for long periods without water and the strange alien-like shapes they can grow into. They're so popular you can find them in most superstores like Target, Sainsburies or Tescos. Over the last decade they've become very popular with young people and those who want to bring a natural decor to their home environment.

What are some common types of cool succulents?

Since succulent plants come in many shapes and sizes, it's hard to know exactly what type of succulent plant you're buying. There are hundreds of different species and sub-species, all with slightly different traits that can make it confusing to distinguish between the plants. Here we'll list some of the most common succulents you're likely to find at your local supermarket or florist.

Sempervivum - House Leeks

Commonly known as houseleeks, this group of succulents have beautiful rosettes that change color throughout the different seasons of the year. They're are a very common succulent plant and have many different sizes. Like most succulents, make sure to have proper drainage in your plant pots to prevent them from drowning.

Crassula ovata - Jade Plant

The crassula ovata has two common nicknames associated with it: Jade Plant and Friendship Tree. This plant is distinguishable by it's narrow and long fleshy leaves that sprout in bunches, with a red tinge surrounding them. They are found naturally in South Africa and can be propagated using offsets and succulent cuttings.

Echeveria Lola

Echeveria Lola

This succulent plant is part of the huge Echeveria genus, which has many different types of plants under many different names. The Echeveria Lola is distinguishable by it's stemless rosette, often with pink succulent leaves or purple colorings. It can grow up to 6inches long and perfect for growing as a house plant.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera Succulent Plant

We often use Aloe Vera to help heal wounds and for its therapeutic properties. The plant that it derives from has tall pointy green leaves that are very narrow. It can grow to a large size and the leaves cluster like a strange pointy bush. Aloe Vera is best potted in with a good mixture of soil that contains sand or grit. Make sure to have succulent pots with a good drainage system otherwise the plant can die from over-watering or cause root rot.

Sedum Morganianum

This evergreen succulent grows with clusters of fleshy leaves that resemble bunches of grapes or bananas. Their nicknames include burro's or donkey tails due to their uncanny resemblance.

Uncommon Types of Succulents

If you're on the look out for cool succulents, you might be interested in some of these more rarer and uncommon succulent plants. The problem will be getting hold of them but you can try sourcing them from garden centers or florists online.

Echeveria gibbiflora var - metallic echeveria

This species of Echeveria is also know by it's nickname of  metallic echeveria due to it the dark blue colors of its leaves, resembling a metallic like color. The fleshy leaves form rosettes with spoon-shaped like leaves. They also have Racemes with red and pink flowers.

Faucaria felina - Tiger Jaw

Succulent plants are known to form weird and wonderful shapes, and the "tiger jaw" succulent is a keeper. It's leaves shape into a form that looks like a Tiger Jaw, with little trailing stems as teeth. They don't grow too big so they can be kept as indoor succulents too, just make sure to pot them with good drainage and mixed soil (includes sand or perlite).

Senecio scaposus

The Scenecio Scaposus succulent plant has green thick round leaves that sprout upwards with round endings. Little buds grow in the center and much like Aloe Vera they can grow into thick clusters.

Agave attenuata - Fox Tail

Agave Atenuata

This succulent plant is also known as Fox Tail, due to it's wide long leaves that end in a point just like a fox's tail. They grow in clusters and the leaves often have red margins to them. They originate in Mexico and are best for outdoors due to their potential size.

How to care for my cool succulents?

So if you've got your eye on some cool succulents that you want to put around your house or plant in your garden, how exactly do you take care of them? Succulent Plants are known for their low-maintenance because they can thrive in hot, humid temperatures by storing their water in their fleshy leaves. This allows them to go for days and weeks without needing to be watered, which is perfect if you're the type to forget to water your plant often (me!).

It's best to water your succulent once a week. If you notice the soil becoming too moist, you can leave them even longer. Over-watering succulents is a common cause for killing them and can also induce root rot.

Next you need to make sure you place your succulents in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Like most plants, light is their source of food, so if you keep them in a dark, danky corner they'll slowly become malnutrition and die. If you notice their leaves starting to die, you can place your succulent plants outside for a while to get that burst of extra sunlight. Best place for succulent plants is by a windowsill.

The Best Cool Succlents

Check out some of these cool succulents we have sourced for you. Some of these need growing from seeds, and others come as fully-formed succulents and all they need is a bit of water every now and then. If you've got any suggestions for cool succulents, let us know in the comments!

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