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One of the most common pieces of advice I give to people when they're moving into a new space is buy succulent plants. Are you looking to decorate your newly acquired house office? Or perhaps you've just moved into a dorm room and want to spruce things up a bit? Or maybe you're even thinking about creating a succulent garden in your backyard. You wonder where to purchase the succulents, local nursery or do you find succulents online to find the best deals? Your local nursery may carry the more common varieties of succulent plants. To find more exotic and less common succulents you might have to do an online search using google or in the worst case, look up an expert.

buy succulent plants

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Research before you buy succulent plants

Before you go shopping for succulent plants, some research into these plants might be helpful. The more you know about the succulent plants, the easier it will be to select the right plant for your growing area.

Hardiness Zones

One crucial bit of info is the hardiness zones for plants. Plants are labeled as to which climate zone they will grow best in. In the US there are 13 zones, the lower numbered zones represent the more northern climates.

The temperature difference from one zone to the other is 10 degrees, that is, zone 4 to zone 5 is 10 degrees, zone 7 to 9 is a 20-degree difference. When a succulent is marked with a zone hardiness number  (4-7) that means the plant can do well in those zones.

There are also temperature zones that refer to the summer heat ratings of the plants. This will help to determine if your growing area will be too hot for the succulent.

Getting More Popular

Where you live will say a lot about who sells succulents locally.

The climates that succulents grow best will have more local shops selling them, thus you may be able to acquire them cheaper locally than if you purchased online. Some of the colder northern areas may not sell many varieties of, and the quality of the succulent plants could be questionable. With the rise in the popularity of succulents, there are going to be more local vendors carrying them.

There  is a number of online vendors for succulents, they seem to have enough varieties of succulent plants to satisfy most everyone's desires.

When buying succulents, there are some things you should know.

Succulents are usually pretty hardy, some things might make them less than desirable as a plant. Succulents thrive on less water than the more common house or garden plants. The soil the succulents are planted in should drain the water away quickly. Succulent roots do not like soggy soil, the water should run through the soil, and the soil will dry out.

Most succulents grow in climates that are arid and mostly dry. Best way to describe a succulent is to say they thrive on neglect. Succulents need to be watered about once a week, and there are some that can go a couple of weeks without water. Most plants take little or no water during their dormant cycle.

Another thing to consider is how much sun can the succulent in your garden tolerate? Many succulents come from hot, arid climates they don't like direct sunlight. Some succulents will sunburn if left in direct sunlight. In their original environment, the plant has shade for part of its day from other foliage.

You are ready to buy the first succulent for your yard.  Whether you choose a brick and mortar store or you find a supplier online, do you have any idea what the succulents are going to cost?

Rare And Expensive Succulents

Agave albopilosa

There are rare succulents such as the Agave albopilosa that is native to Mexico. This Agave grows on almost vertical cliffs that are 3,500 to 5,000 feet high in a mountainous region near Monterey, Mexico. Agave albopilosa stands one foot tall and 20 inches wide. This succulent around 3 years old develops little white tufts of hair on the tips of its upturned leaves. Agave albopilosa is very rare, succulent that doesn't offset, and seeds are almost impossible to get. It takes three years to propagate in a nursery setting. One online nursery sells Agave albopilosa for $60.00, suitable for zones 8a to 10b, likes full sun to partial shade.

Agave geminiflora

Agave geminiflora “leaping lizards” is another succulent that grows in high vertical mountains at Nayarit, Mexico. Considered a venerated mutant that has a creamy yellow border around its pointy narrow leaves, with beautiful 20 inches tall and 3-foot full rosette. Sold online for $50.00. This succulent is suitable for zones 9b to 11, does best in partial sun to full shade.

Agave mocroacantha

Mexico provides another succulent that is difficult to harvest and cost ore that the average succulent. Agave mocroacantha “blue ribbon” and hails from the state of Puebla. Suitable for zones 9a to 10b and prefers full sun. The rosettes are one foot tall, and 18 inches wide with finger-like leaves tipped with wicked lack spine. Sells for $65.00 at an online nursery.

What Single Succulent Plants Cost

Sempervivum Heuffelii "Blaze"

This hardy succulent is known to keep its color year-round, can tolerate zone 4 -30F) favor full sun, filtered and partial sun. Stand under 3 inches with rosettes that are 3 to 4 inches wide.This succulent sell online for $4.45.

Senecio rowleyanus "string of Pearls."

This succulent is suitable for hanging the plant displays round railing green beads that resemble pearls. This succulent is good in zones 10 and 11, likes filtered or partial sun, and the plant stands under 3 inches. This succulent is sold online for $4.35.

Kalanchoe tomentosa"Chocolate Soldier."

This succulent has cinnamon-tinted gray leaves that are edged with dark brown notches. Suitable for zones 9 through 12, is drought resistant, likes filtered or partial sunlight. Sells online for $4.45.

Succulents In Bulk


You can order plants in bulk trays 18 counts) that offer 6 different varieties of Echeveria succulents. These succulents are drought resistant suited for zones 9, 10, and11, and will survive a light frost. The bulk tray sells online for $69.00.

Gasteria, Jade, Portulacaria

These indoor succulents come packed in a tray with 5 of each variety for a total of 25 plants. They like low light, suited for zone 10, and are suitable for beginners, the tray sells online for $54.00.

After The Purchase

Once you have ordered your succulents, then they have to be shipped. Here are just some of the shipping details that some online nurseries offer.

Some offer a 14-day guarantee. Plants have root rot, no roots, any issues that render the succulent plant unusable. It is usually within fourteen days of being shipped. Some offer store credit, PayPal or credit card refund.

Some nurseries ship FedEx, UPS, and USPS depending on what method the customer wants.

Best advice make sure you understand all the rules of the nursery you ordered from as to shipping, damaged goods, and refunds if any. Know what you can do to get a claim honored.

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