The Best Pots For Succulents

Succulent Plants are a growing and popular house plant and if you've been interested in them like me, you'll want to learn about the best pots for succulents. Over the past 5 years, Succulent Plants popularity has been climbing and climbing, and with the ease of purchasing online, it's now even easier to get the plants you want.

Best Pots For Succulents

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As with any plants, getting the right equipment to keep them healthy is important. For Succulent Plants, one of the most important aspects is the pot that the plant is situated in. Let's take a look at some of the properties of Succulent Plants and why having the best pot matters.

Properties Of Succulent Plants

Succulent plants make for great decorations in homes and offices due to the fact that they don't need a lot of water to survive. In general, succulents thrive in arid conditions; high temperatures and low rainfall- because of this these plants have adapted to store water in their roots and stems, causing them to have their unusual shapes and fleshy leafs.

A Succulent Plant is known for being a “draught plant” due to it's ability to survive without water. If you're the type of person who wants to have an office full of plants but often forget to water them, then having succulents might be exactly what you need. On average, they probably only need watering once a month- which is perfect for the busy-busy life of today's modern worker.

In sweltering temperatures, succulents have what is known as Crassulacean acid metabolism to reduce water loss. CAM is a type of photosynthesis that has evolved in plants needing to survive in these arid temperatures and can be found in fruits like pineapples as well. It works by the leaf's stomata being closed during the day to prevent water-loss and opening at night to intake oxygen.

Stomata are the tiny pours found in leaves, stems and other plant organs. They allow the plant to to fascinate gas exchanges, which are used in the plant's ability to grow food using photosynthesis and respire. In succulents, stomata are very reduced to help preserve water from leaving the plant and instead stems are used to store water. Stems are actually the main way in which a succulent plant uses photosynthesis to produce its food storages.

Often times succulent plants have a waxy or spiny outer surface to create a humid habitat around the plant. This helps prevent water loss and creating it's own artificial shade from humid temperatures.

There are thousands of different species of succulents, either coming from a family or sub-family of succulents. Some families have thousands of different species, like the Euphorbiaceae, which are often found in parts of Australia and Africa. The different families all have similar features which make a succulent plant, such as the fleshy leaves, roots on the surface and unusual appearance.

Why Pots Matter for Succulent Plants

If you're growing your own succulents, or simply buying some from your local gardener, you'll want to consider the plant pot you're using. The best pots for succulents are crucial to the long-survival of succulent plants. In fact, the most common cause for the death of succulents is the over-watering of the plants.

So that brings us to our first important factor: having a drainage hole.

When buying your pot for your succulents, it's vitally important that your pot has a drainage hole. As mentioned, succulents don't need a lot of water to survive as they have evolved in humid temperatures to store water efficiently. Too much water and it will drown your plant. Having a drainage hole will allow excess water to flow out of the soil, keeping it nice and healthy and not too moist and or watery.

Of course, for indoor succulent plants, having a drainage hole can be a bit messy. So, you'll also want to consider having a tray for your succulent plant pot. Usually succulents come with interchangeable trays for this very reason, allowing any escaping water to just sit in the bottom and evaporate over time. You won't need to change the tray out simply because you shouldn't be watering your succulents that often anyway.

Next you want to consider size. The size of your succulents pot is important to allow the plant to grow; normally when you buy succulents they come in a sufficient sized pot that means you don't really have to do anything about them. However, if you're growing your own succulents, you'll want to consider size more importantly. Depending on the succulent, they can grow to really large sizes and the size of the pot will be a big factor in this. If you want to keep your succulents smaller, use a smaller plant to reduce growth room. If you want to let them reach their full potential, consider getting a really big plant pot- but remember to water them gently and not so that the soil is overflowing.

There are many types of materials that your succulent pots can be made out of.

  • Ceramic - one of the most popular and common choices
  • Plastic - one of the cheapest options
  • fiberglass - a type of plastic with reinforced glass fibre.
  • porcelain - slightly harder than ceramic but more purified clay
  • metal - strong and stable
  • terracotta - heavy, traditional plant pots

In door succulent plants usually come in ceramic made pots, which allow them to grow and breath in indoor conditions. Plastic pots will reduce the price you pay, but they aren't as good for the plants as ceramic or terracotta. Metal is great also- but be wary of rust building up due to water spillage or moisture. Or if you like the look of terracotta, which is a more traditional feel to it, they are great for outdoors in gardens.

The Best Pots For Succulents

We've listed some of the best pots for succulents below. Some of these come in pairs and different sizes, so feel free to check out the different options that are available for planting your new wonderful succulents in.

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